Experience Summary

With multiple years of teaching experience, I have had the opportunity to prove myself a skilled educator. In addition to a Master’s Degree in Fine Art, I have an Education Specialist Teaching Credential which provided me the opportunity to work with individuals with disabilities for 11 years. I am experienced in supporting English language learners and specialized in curriculum development for individuals on the Autism spectrum. My experience working in the K-12 setting and at California State University Fullerton helps me understand the perspectives of individuals transferring to a college environment and the skills necessary to build a solid foundation. My classroom activities use a variety of strategies such as collaborative groups to increase engagement and the sharing of ideas, writing assignments and prompts to encourage critical thinking, and the use of online portal systems. To increase visual literacy I support my curriculum by showing work that is historically important as well as contemporary images of artists working today. I take great care to investigate a wide range of artists, continually seek out new and relevant works, and share my findings with my students. My previous experience as a special education teacher allows me to adjust, adapt, and differentiate instruction to support student success. I am committed to the concepts of being a lifelong learner and am continually reflecting on how I can better myself as an educator and an artist. I have taught beginning painting for 3 semesters, beginning drawing for 2 semesters, beginning figure drawing, and an upper division Methods and Materials class for painting. I was selected for the Methods and Materials course by Jade Jewett, CSUF’s Visual Arts Department Chair, due to my inventive use and understanding of materials, my commitment to art history and the contemporary art world, and a high level of professionalism.

Professional Experience

Teacher of Record

Part Time Faculty: California State University, Fullerton

Jan 2015 – Present

  • Classes taught - Beginning Painting, Beginning Drawing, Beginning Life Drawing, and Methods and Materials and the Contemporary Image.

  • Respond and reflect on teaching practices, make adjustments based on feedback and collaborate with colleagues.

  • Create syllabi and develop curriculum that supports learning objectives aligned with California State University Fullerton’s rigorous standards of education.

  • Establish grading polices that utilize multiple measures such as student participation, attendance, artistic progress, quality of work and effort to ensure relevant feedback is provided.

  • Utilize online portal system to distribute additional information related to the course such as power points presented in class and information relevant to topics covered in class.

  • Lead group critiques and introduce key terminology related to foundational concepts such as the principles of deign and formal concepts that drive image making.

  • Provide demonstrations on the foundational concepts necessary to build skills associated with the medium utilized.

  • Provide lectures and presentations targeting various concepts related to color theory, contemporary image making, anatomy, sighing and measuring, composition, perspective and more.

Studio Assistant

Rebecca Campbell: Los Angeles, CA

June 2015 - Present

  • Organize and assist with studio management, create spread sheets, organize paperwork, and materials.

  • Assist with preparatory and artwork production of sculptural pieces as well as paintings.

  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills in communicating with galleries, collectors and museums.

  • Inventory art works, prepare them for shipping and/or storage.

  • Demonstrate competent work habits and effective time management skills.

Art Group Facilitator

Experience Recovery Treatment Center

June 2018- Present

  • Create accessible, meaningful project for individuals with varying degrees of art related skills.

  • Provide opportunities for individuals in treatment centers to create personalized projects and explore various mediums and explore the cathartic power of art.

  • Document progress and complete client progress notes for insurance and billing purposes.

  • Reports any concerns or problems with clients participation in programs.

  • Continually revise and restructure groups and projects to keep an active and engaging environments.

  • Demonstrate effective time management skills and address behavioral concerns as applicable.

Special Education Teacher

Estancia High School, Newport Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD): Costa Mesa, CA

August 2010 - June 2012

  • Create and implement a Life Skills Curriculum utilizing the Unique Learning System and align content to State Standards for Students with moderate to severe disabilities.

  • Establish a highly reinforcing classroom to promote student growth and the acquisition of skills identified as areas of need.

  • Communicate effectively with parents, administrators, support providers and legal representatives about student progress.

  • Design and facilitate small group instruction.

  • Adhere to timelines as mandated by federal laws that govern the rights of students with special needs.

  • Create measurable and meaningful goals and objectives that support student learning.

  • Head Coach JV Girls Soccer team.

Special Education Teacher/Curriculum Specialist

Beacon Day School: Orange, CA

November 2008 - June 2010

  • Research, purchase and implement various curricula.

  • Demonstrate highly effective communication facilitation skills in educational meetings with administration, support providers, legal representatives, and parents.

  • Provide training and the evaluations for new and existing staff.

  • Develop and implant safety policies for students and staff in community based learning situations.

  • Develop data sheets, train staff on data collections, and keep accurate records of student development.

Long Term Substitute/ Special Education Teacher

Eader Elementary, Huntington City School District: Huntington Beach, CA

October 2007- November 2008

  • Created curriculum for elementary ages students with moderate to severe disabilities.

  • Align curriculum to State Standards for the K-12 setting.

  • Report to principle and administrative team, work collaboratively with colleagues and demonstrate highly effective teaching methodologies to support student learning.

  • Work collaboratively with service providers, schedule and manage time effectively to optimize student learning.

Special Education and Single Subject Health Teacher

King Kekaulike High School, Department of Education Hawaii: Wailuku HI

August 2004 - June 2007

  • Create Life Skill Curriculum for high school aged students with disabilities.

  • Provide accommodations and support student with learning disabilities, Autism and physical impairments in the general education setting.

  • Served as an Assistant Coach JV Girls Soccer team.

  • Create community based larding opportunities to support the acquisition of identified areas of needs for students.

  • Document goals and objectives, keep accurate records, organize paperwork, and adhere to timeless as specified by federal and state mandates.

Special Education Teacher/Department Head/Beginning Teach Coach

Elizabeth Hudson K-8, Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD): Long Beach, CA

August 2001 - June 2004

  • Demonstrate a high level of professionalism while serving as Department Head.

  • Organize presentations for staff and administration, communicate effectively, pass on information to service providers and colleagues about current trends and topics related to special education.

  • Train, support and document new teacher progress to the State of California and Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD).

  • Support and integrate LBUSD’s educational standards for eduction into teaching methodologies and implement them daily learning experiences.

  • Design curriculum for pre-kinder and kindergarten students with special needs.

  • Create opportunities for reverse inclusion for students with disabilities in general education settings.


Master of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting: California State University, Fullerton

December 2017

DNA: Thesis Exhibition, Leo Freedman Gallery CSU Fullerton October 2017

  • Focus was working across disciplines and the integration of high versus low art aesthetic.

  • Served as President of the Fine Arts Society working closely with ASI, student government to procure funding to support visiting artist lectures.

  • Organized visiting artist lectures with professional artists to support educational opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students.

  • Organized and curated a graduate exhibition showcasing collaborative efforts from students from CSU Northridge, CSU Long Beach and CSU Fullerton. This exhibition was in conjunction with Rebecca Campbell and Samantha Fields “Call and Response” exhibition/project at the UAM in Long Beach, CA.

  • Nominated to teach four of the six semesters during my graduate program and was hired to teach as post graduate based on performance in the program.

  • Strong emphasis on researching contemporary artists and art history to provide context and content to my practice in the studio and to enrich the classroom experience.

Education Specialist Teaching Credential Level II and Preliminary Education Specialist Teaching Credential: Cal State Long Beach

June 2012/2004

  • Extensive teacher training on supporting, promotion and creating learning environments centered in inclusive ideologies

  • Rigorous training on adapting, modifying and providing supporting a diverse populations of students and individuals with disabilities

  • Cross Curricular training in all subject areas of a K-12 curriculum. Single Subject Health, CSET Multiple Subjects, English Language Development, and Autism authorizations obtained.

  • Rigorous training on the importance of working collaboratively with colleagues to provide students with optimal learning environments.

Bachelor of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting: California State University Long Beach

May 2000

  • Emphasis on traditional concepts that support image making and the figurative tradition.

  • Focus on color theory, paint mixing and use of materials.

  • Utilized traditional methods to learn foundational concepts related to life drawing, drawing, and painting.

  • Utilized concepts related to direct observation to build foundational skills across disciplines.

  • Formally trained in ceramics, mold making, printmaking, sculpt and drawing and painting.

  • Keen understanding of safety issues as it pertains to art making as well as the integration of various mediums.


2016 Scholarship, Leo Freedman (faculty nominated) Fullerton, CA

2016 Fine Arts Affiliate Scholarship Fullerton, CA

2016 Graduate Studies Scholarship Fullerton, CA

2015 Fine Arts Affiliate Scholarship Fullerton, CA

2014 Art Alliance Scholarship Fullerton, CA

2000 Fine Arts Affiliate Scholarship Long Beach, CA

Exhibitions and Publications

2018 The Sewing Circle-Feminine Narratives: Group Exhibition,

Seaver Gallery Marlborough School Los Angeles, CA

2018 SHē: Group Exhibition, Launch LA Galley Los Angeles, CA

2018 In Front of A Drity Double Mirror They Found Me:

Solo Exhibition Fourth Element Gallery Santa Ana, CA

2018 Transpose: Group Exhibition East Side International Los Angeles, CA

2018 Chaos and Order: Group Exhibition: Hibbleton Gallery Fullerton, CA

2017 DNA: Thesis Exhibition, CSU Fullerton Fullerton, CA

2016 Call and Response: Group Exhibition, CSU Fullerton Fullerton, CA

2016 Her Intuition, Group Exhibition: Brainworks Gallery Los Angeles, CA

2015 Deconstructing the Figure: Poets and Artists Magazine Publication

2015 CSUF, Annual Visual Arts Show: CSU Fullerton Fullerton, CA

2016 SoCalMFA: Millard Sheets Art Center Pomona, CA

2015 Loose Change: CSU Fullerton Fullerton, CA

2015 Presidents Office: CSU Fullerton Fullerton, CA

2015 Existence, McCarthy Hall, CSU Fullerton Fullerton, CA

2014 Art Week Exhibit, CSU Fullerton Fullerton, CA

2012 Little Jewels: Royal Cup Cafe Long Beach, CA


Experience Recovery - Santa Ana, CA 2018- Present

Pathways to Independence - Los Alamitos, CA 2014- Present


Jade Jewett - Department Chair Visual Arts CSU Fullerton - (310) 486-5686

Rebecca Campbell - Artist/Assistant Professor CSU Fullerton - (310) 422-5142  

Joesph Beil - Assistant Professor CSU Fullerton CSU Fullerton - (310) 621-3470